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CyberLink unveils PowerCinema 6 HTPC software

Darren Murph

Most recently, CyberLink has been ensconced behind the DIRECTV2PC operation, but now it's stepping out again on its own to showcase the PowerCinema 6 software. Designed to give HTPC owners easy access to multimedia (photos, TV shows, music, etc.) as well as handle TV recordings / scheduling and channel management, the new piece now boasts support for high-definition TV -- an obvious requirement for you and your peers. Obviously, that means you'll also find MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) support, though it doesn't include a player for Blu-ray Discs. If that's not a bother, the software can be acquired right now for between $49.95 and $129.95 depending on the bundle you choose.

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