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PSP 3000 finally, inevitably hacked by Datel's Lite Blue Tool

Samuel Axon

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Hacking the PSP has long been a popular pastime, but the 3000 model has proven a tough nut to crack. Don't pop open the champagne just yet, though, Sony -- Datel has revealed a special battery peripheral called the Lite Blue Tool that boots the handheld console into service mode, where downgrades to earlier, cracked firmwares are possible. Of course, most older PSPs could be downgraded without any additional hardware and you only needed a battery like Pandora if you failed the idiot test and bricked your system, but be patient, pirates totally legit homebrew types -- Rome wasn't burnt in a day. Lite Blue is priced at an affordable $29.99, not bad for an interim solution if homebrew and "backups" are your thing.

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