Zoran intros highly integrated SupraHD 775 / 785 HDTV processors

In order for the thin to keep getting more anorexic looking, we need those internals to slim down, too. Thankfully, Zoran is looking out for those who know that no HDTV is ever thin enough by introducing two new HDTV processors. Designed for ATSC-tuning digital TVs, the highly integrated SupraHD 775 and 785 "eliminate multiple components from the DTV system design by integrating the TV microcontroller, 8VSB demodulator, audio codec, audio multiplexer, analog video multiplexer and a host of other functions including advanced audio processing and color management capabilities into the single-chip solution." Good show, Zoran -- we suspect you'll be a big help in making 0.1-inch HDTVs a reality.