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Sony loses patent suit, ordered to pay $18.5 million

Tim Stevens

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Way back in 2006, Lucent-spin off Agere Systems filed a lawsuit against Sony, claiming the electronics behemoth had infringed on not one, not two, but eight of its patents. As it turns out a prior deal with Lucent gave Sony the rights to use seven of those, but that one unlicensed patent became Sony's weak point, allowing Agere's lawyers to inflict massive damage(s). The jury's findings state not only that Sony wrongly utilized Agere's intellectual property in the mylo, Network Walkman, and the PSP, but that there was "clear and convincing evidence that such infringement was willful." In other words: big payout, in this case an eye-opening $18.5 million. Don't blame us Sony, we told you to settle! [Warning: PDF read link]

[Via PSP Fanboy]

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