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    Panasonic's FreeSat-tuning TX-37LZD81 HDTV reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Panasonic's FreeSat-tuning VIERA TH-46PZ81B fared well in its recent review, and thankfully, so did the TX-37LZD81 LCD HDTV. The set, which was acquired and tested by the eyes at HDTVOrg, was highly praised in almost every area, with critics pointing out its fantastic ability to make both SD and HD content look its best. The integrated speakers weren't anything special, but it's not like you were expecting anything drastically different. We'd personally love to see that FreeSat tuner find more than a smattering of HD channels, but for those looking to pick out the ones that currently exist, this set wouldn't be a bad one to do that on.

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