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Apple bringing its operating system into living 3D?

Tim Stevens

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If there's one problem with modern operating systems it's that they're all rather planar. Sure, OS X, Vista, and others have some 3D tricks up their sleeves, stacking windows and layering them on cubes and such, but when you get down to business everything's rather more Flatland than Lawnmower Man. Apple, at least, has a plan for changing that in its patent application titled "Multidimensional Desktop," unearthed by MacRumors, describing a way in which depth could be added to your typical virtual desktop. The patent covers dozens of scenarios, including geometric icons representing applications or documents being attached to the side surfaces, possibly replacing the rather tired "File, Edit, etc." menus at the top with positional hotspots on the right. Another example describes how light emanating from one 3D icon, a little sun representing the weather, could illuminate the other icons. It all sounds rather conceptual, but with the amount of detail included here (not to mention the familiar dock at the bottom) it's hard to label this is as just a flight of Cupertino creativity not intended for release.

[Via MacRumors]

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