Gresso, the Russian company known for its luxury electronics, is back with the scarily named (and strangely apt) Avantgarde Skeleton Collection. Another benchmark in conspicuous consumption, this Windows Mobile 6.0-sporting, Bluetooth 1.2-supporting brickphone is housed in a titanium alloy case "with high-tech ceramic coverage." But no, the luxuriosity doesn't stop there -- both the 240 x 320 display and the transparent back panel are made of crystal sapphire glass. The battery case is made of stainless steel, with a leather cover and magnet release, and the back of the handset features the Gresso logo covered with 10 micron gold. Sure "elegance" is timeless, but it ain't cheap: only fifteen of these guys will be made, and they'll be available for five grand. Tough choice between this and five Kodak OLED frames, we know -- life is so hard sometimes.

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