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    BeBook eBook reader gets reviewed: a library rental, at best

    Darren Murph

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    At least overseas, Endless Ideas' BeBook is competing most directly with Sony's succulent Reader, and reviewers over at Trusted Reviews immediately noticed the step back in style. If you can get over that, the device was said to be delightfully light, though the user interface reverted their brief smiles back to frowns. This up and down (or love and hate, if you will) affair continued on throughout the review, with critics finding a nitpick for every glimmer of awesomeness. The real bummer came when they attempted to use USB 1.1 for mass transfers -- it's practically 2009 people, and USB 2.0 is a must. All in all, the crew couldn't bring themselves to calling the BeBook a bad device, with the broad format support, satisfactory screen and longevous battery all earning high marks; that said, the clunky interface and sluggish overall performance really put a damper on things, particularly when you consider a Sony PRS-505 can be had for around £30 less.

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