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Predictions for 2009?


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So, that happened. Twenty-o-eight was a wild one, full of adventure, heartbreak and technology, and now that we're staring down another year of magical phones and netbooks, rumors and half-truths, it's time for the collective wisdom of Engadgetdamus (you and us) to lay down some predictions for 2009 and down a bit of two-week-old eggnog -- not necessarily in that order.

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Tim: The economic downturn boosts bargain-hunting HD DVD adoption rates so high that Toshiba resurrects the format.
Chris: A3000 fever sweeps the globe, leaving Motorola with a commanding 37 percent market share.
Darren: ASUS expands Eee line to the ultraportable and traditional notebook market, calls them Eeee and Eeeee, respectively.
Joe: slotMusic will single handedly save the music industry.
Paul: Microsoft will make up for Zune's continued lack of Xbox integration with totally ingenious new methods of locking up the player.
Don: Activision releases Guitar Hero: Air Guitar, Harmonix spends millions trying to play catch-up.
Laura: Tiny iPhone, giant iPod.
Ross: Asimo becomes self-aware, sets off on magical journey to find his true calling
Josh: Steve Jobs lives.

What's your take?

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