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LG to release first HDTVs that instantly stream movies from Netflix

Darren Murph

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It was really only a matter of time, but instant streaming from Netflix is finally getting piped straight to the tele. Until now, users needed an HTPC or a set-top-box / movie player that supported Watch Instantly, but we've received word that LG will debut the world's first Netflix-enabled HDTVs this Spring. Details are pretty light, but we're told that both plasma and LCD models will be unleashed; unfortunately, it's not entirely clear if HD Netflix will be included and if the sets will / won't be WiFi-enabled. Keep it locked here for anything more, we get the feeling we haven't heard the last about these beauties.

Update: The AP is suggesting that the inclusion of the Netflix streaming feature (or, "broadband capabilities," as it were) could add around $200 to $300 per set. That's a pretty hefty premium for ditching the box.

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