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Samsung's CES household appliance lineup: everything but the kitchen sink

Darren Murph

If you thought Samsung would stop at the home theater at CES 2009, you've got another thing coming... from the kitchen. The RFG299 French Door refrigerator not only includes an eco-friendly design, high-rate urethane insulation, LED interior lighting, an EZ-Open handle and 28.5 cubic feet of storage, but it also boasts a 7-inch LCD on the outside. As we make our way down to the laundry room, we find the WF448 front loading washer, which features the firm's VRT technology to reduce noise and vibrations; better still, the included Steam Refresh and Odor Removal settings are perfect for neutralizing those absolutely rotten tees that grow increasingly rank with every passing deathmatch. No prices are mentioned, but they should fit just fine on your wedding registry.