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Yuen'To's Music Balloon speaker is fabulous, price tag is ferocious

Tim Stevens

If you like cute, puffy things, enjoy subjecting strangers to your obscure tastes in music, and have tons of excess cash to burn on nigh-useless gadgets, get a load of this! It's the Yuen'To Music Ball, aka the Music Balloon, a rechargeable auxiliary mono speaker for any portable audio device. It offers a meager .7-watts of power, lasts a measly 2 hours on a charge, yet costs a massive $76.16. (Yorozu's overpriced $80 mono speaker at least packed 2-watts.) It is, however, available in your choice of passion pink, mellow yellow, romantic red, bombastic blue, or boring black. Who can resist?

[Via Akihabara]

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