UniPixel Opcuity design
Here's a new one to add to the display technology lexicon -- TMOS, which stands for "time multiplexed optical shutter," is being developed by UniPixel in its Opcuity products. The technology is interesting enough to get Samsung to get in on, and the promise to provide better image quality over LCD and OLED displays while being up to 60-percent cheaper to manufacture than LCDs makes it easy to see why. We haven't even seen a prototype of this technology, but we're able to piece together that the display centers around UniPixel's Opcuity "Active Layer Film," basically an array of micro-electrical mechanical systems (MEMS) shutters that sit in front of the illumination source that will strobe between red, green and blue to produce color; basically, it's a bit of DLP (MEMS and persistence of vision) combined with LCD technology (flat backlight with a shutter). Sounds great, but like we said, it's still in the labs. Not to be naysayers, but one challenge will be keeping the MEMS shutters functional in larger displays -- a 50-inch display has pixels about 0.5-mm in size, and MEMS really do rely on the "micro" part of their name to work.

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