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Pixelar e-Reader reviewed -- not too shabby, also "not a Kindle"


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Slash Gear starts its hands-on review of Pixelar's e-book reader by stating the obvious: "this is no Amazon Kindle 2." And while there may be no integrated WiFi, no hardware keyboard, no Tom, and no Oprah, this device is not without its charms. It supports a generous helping of file types (including PDF, DOC, MP3, HTML, TXT, CHM, and at least a dozen others), comes with 512MB internal memory, supports USB and SD cards, and the reviewer found build quality to be "reasonable." The e-ink display shows some intermediate flicker, however, and the page turn speed "is just a little too long" for the reviewer's tastes. Probably the most off-putting thing about the device is its cost: in the UK (where the Kindle isn't available) it's going for a base price of £229.99 ($324), while Sony's Reader, for instance, is currently priced at £224 ($317). Intrigued? We bet you are -- check out the video after the break for even more e-book excitement.

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