The Instinct S30's back in the news again ahead of an official announcement, and we've got to say, Sprint: great call staying away from the rumored "Mini" label. The S30 looks like a straight-up upgrade from the original Instinct -- not merely a miniaturized version of it -- mainly on account of the smoother chassis that seems to give the phone a more finished look. Like the Sanyo 2700, it seems the S30 will be available at least in blue and pink, and the form factor certainly lends itself to a whole palette if Sprint thinks it can push 'em off shelves. As you might recall, the first Instinct was announced nearly a year ago at CTIA, so it'd be kind of appropriate of the S30 bowed at CTIA this year, wouldn't it? We'll know in just a few weeks' time.

[Thanks, RWS]

Update: Our tipster tells us that this color is actually "copper," not pink. The camera sure plays some nasty tricks, doesn't it?
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Samsung Instinct S30 (alias "Instinct Mini") in the wild

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