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Rumors of Sony Ericsson split heat up again


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Sony Ericsson execs have been denying reports of a rift between the Sony and Ericsson factions of the company as little as a month ago, but it looks like the rumor mill is starting up yet again, and a report on German website now suggests that a deal could be closer to happening than ever (though still not all that close to actually happening). Apparently, Ericsson is looking to sell off its share in the joint venture, and Sony has reportedly expressed an interest in taking sole control of the company, but that hinges on it negotiating a deal with the banks. That, of course, could be a tad tricky at the moment, but it's looking increasingly like a 100% Sony-owned company is the only way that we'll ever see the mythical PSP phone, so who knows what sort of magic that proposition might work.

[Via SlashGear, thanks Chris]

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