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Mimo making its USB monitors slimmer, sexier?

Tim Stevens

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Sometimes interesting news comes from unexpected places, and this morning that place is a UK car customization shop called Carcomputer. They've posted up info and pics for what appears to be the next generation of Nanovision's USB-driven Mimo monitor. The specs seem to be the same, with a 7-inch, 800 x 480 LED-backlit screen, but it's the new case design that's notable. Gone is the chunky, cheap looking shiny plastic, replaced by a slender matte black and silver design that not only holds the display in landscape or portrait mode but also allows it to be collapsed and thrown in a bag without scratching that panel. Right now that's all we know, but hopefully we'll be bringing more news soon -- along with pics of a set of these installed into headrests of our custom '64 Impala.

[Thanks, Payam]

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