This week's episode is about one-third fact and two-thirds rumor, which makes it slightly more accurate than the average television news broadcast. If you're an AT&T fan, a T-Mobile fan, or a... uh, Cox Communications fan, you're definitely going to want to tune in this time around.

Hosts: Chris Ziegler and Sean Cooper
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Solvent - Devices and Strategies (Ghostly International)

01:23 - AT&T 3G MicroCell trials starting this week, retail in June or later?
06:38 - LG Xenon now on sale through AT&T
06:55 - Samsung Impression now on sale at AT&T
08:45 - AT&T's Samsung Propel Pro hands-on
10:05 - Samsung flexes its muscles with a657 for AT&T
12:45 - Cox Communications set to launch a cellular network
18:30 - T-Mobile announces April 21st "private launch event" in NYC
18:55 - T-Mobile market testing terrible names for the HTC Magic / Sapphire
22:15 - T-Mobile UK event same day as USA's, will be BlackBerry-focused
26:18 - Trio of 'thin touchscreen phones' inbound for Nokia later this year?
30:20 - Nokia working on new MID for this year, wild QWERTY tech for next?
33:50 - Nokia making a crazy Sidekick-esque phone for Verizon? (Update: looks like!)
36:05 - Verizon's Casio Exilim C721 confirmed in the middle of a steamy shower scene
39:30 - iPhone / Pre rumor mill
45:35 - Listener questions

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Engadget Mobile Podcast 017 - 04.16.2009