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Ask Engadget: Best wireless keyboard for living room?

Darren Murph

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Unbeknown to you, you've just stumbled upon this week's Ask Engadget. If you want to get in on this action, feel free to drop us an inquiry at ask at engadget dawt com. Before you get those gears turning, we'd invite you to chime in on Mitch's question below:

"With the upcoming release of Ion-based "nettops," I'll be in the market to buy one and I'll also be looking to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse for my living room. Some things I would like to see on the keyboard are prices below $100 and backlit if possible. Media buttons would be nice but aren't totally necessary. Thanks!"

Timely question, Mitch. Considering that the AspireRevo is just the first of many miniature PCs that'll undoubtedly be headed to dens across the globe, we figure you're not alone in wondering about the perfect keyboard to pair with it. So, readers -- whatcha got?

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