Of, course, by the "Samsung Smooth U350 arrives wrinkle free", we mean: smoothly boring. For $29 after a 2-year deal and rebate you'll get yourself a pretty low end flip with a VGA camera, Bluetooth, a 160 x 128 display, 336 hours standby, 300 minutes talktime, oh, and some lovely Verizon branding. Notably absent is any type of 3G connectivity, this one is a 1X affair, so if your dreams were of a super low cost EV-DO device, you'll need to peek elsewhere. With that snobbery done, you'll also get what should be a pretty tough set that just may wow Grandma's socks right off is she's looking for something smallish to tote to bridge club Wednesdays. Follow the read for the nitty gritty.

[Via Phonescoop]

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