Latest USB gadgets light up your life, fill up your wallet

Intel's Ajay Bhatt indeed deserves rock star status. Without his hard work we might not today have such a wondrous bounty of USB devices, like the hub pictured after the break. It not only sports a light for illuminating your keyboard or helping you find that last Skittle that skittered away into the dark confines of your desk, but it also has a rechargeable battery, meaning you can use it as a rather unwieldy reading light. New, too, is the Lego-themed (though not Lego®-branded) USB hub shown above, which enables you to elegantly add USB devices to your setup in blocks of four. Oh, and then there's the newfangled USB wristwatch ($26) which packs a connector at the end of the strap. Hot stuff, we tell ya.

Read - USB Hub with a built-in flashlight
Read - USB wristwatch
Read - Lego-themed USB hub