We normally associate AWS spectrum with T-Mobile's 3G efforts, but let's not forget that it also plays a big role in recent buildouts of the CDMA regionals; MetroPCS and Leap Wireless' Cricket brand both use 1700MHz bandwidth in a number of markets, and you'll find plenty of AWS support across their lineups to prove it. An interesting new QWERTY slider from ZTE bearing triband CDMA support (AWS included) just passed FCC testing, and if we had to guess, MetroPCS is the likely candidate to get it; the companies have been in bed for quite some time now, and it's no secret that they're collaborating on LTE gear going forward. It's not the best looking phone we've ever seen -- nor the best looking QWERTY slider -- but hey, we'll bet it's cheaper than the $249 Motorola Hint, especially since it steps down from a 2 megapixel cam to 1.3. No word on when we might see an announcement.

[Via Phone Scoop]