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    MSI Wind Top AE1900 gets reviewed, patted on the back


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    Those crazy kids over at Computer Shopper have got their hot hands on MSI's all-in-one Wind Top AE1900, and have been cool enough to share their thoughts with us. Sure, the thing is pretty snazzy (if not at all cutting edge, design-wise), and the 1.6GHz Atom CPU means that it's easy on the power use, but the reviewer feels that the $599 price tag is a bit much -- especially since it's outclassed by the similar Dell Studio One 19 (which'll only run you around $150 more). Other not-so-awesome factors include some seriously weak speakers, the fact that it ships with Windows Vista Basic (sans Media Center), and the Wind Touch software is apparently pretty awkward and counter-intuitive. But who knows? Maybe this bad boy will be right up your alley. Stranger things have happened. Hit that read link and decide for yourself.

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