As HTC's already eager to demonstrate with the Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro2 and Toshiba with the TG01, Windows Mobile 6.5 should bring with it a pretty wide range of interesting compatible hardware -- and we'll admit that we're a little intrigued by this alleged device from Mio codenamed "Amber." All we've got here is a render, but it's certainly within the realm of plausibility -- it looks quite a bit like the company's G50, after all, and we'd certainly expect them to be releasing new WinMo devices in conjunction with 6.5. Anyhow, we're told that we can expect a 528MHz Qualcomm MSM7200 series (we would've preferred Snapdragon-class silicon, of course), a whopping 3.61-inch WVGA display, 256MB of RAM paired with 512MB of ROM, a 5 megapixel AF primary cam, full HSPA, and an integrated FM transmitter. If it's real, it looks like this one has the Touch Diamond2 squarely in its sights.

[Thanks, msav]

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