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Engadget podcast logoWe hope you got your fill of hot dogs, hamburgers and other grilled goodness this weekend, because it's time to kick back for about an hour with the Engadget HD podcast. We can't promise fireworks, but you're welcome to set off any leftover bottle rockets in the Ustream chat room while we try to find something in this week's news to get riled up about. Festivities begin on Tuesday, July 7 at 5:30PM EDT, but you can start chatting earlier with the Ustream audio/chat embedded after the break; we'll add in the list of topics as soon as we pick them. Cable companies miss tru2way deadline, insist it's no big deal
Sci Fi / SyFy switch takes effect tomorrow, still doesn't make any sense
Engadget goes behind the Dolby logo
How to relocate a HD set-top-box and still have it work with an HDTV
You know you're a videophile if...
Auzentech joins the HD audio HTPC party
TiVo HD upgrade program helps you save as much as $100
Pioneer refreshes, lowers prices on its Elite receivers
Ask Engadget HD: How can I get my home theater ready for 3D, right now?
Mobile DTV standard in the US gets raised to "proposed standard" status

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