OmniMount Power 55 TV wall mount
This whole global economic crisis, and its resulting massive loss of jobs got us thinking. We here at Engadget HD didn't want to stand helplessly by, announcing every new round of misery without giving anything back -- so we decided to take the opportunity to spread a little positivity. Today we've got an OmniMount Power55 motorized TV wall-mount that will take your couch-potato ways to a whole new level. Think motorized TV mounts are totally unnecessary? Check out the video of the remote controllable tilt, pan and swivel control, and then see what you think! Read the rules below (no skimming -- we're omniscient and can tell when you've skimmed) and get commenting! Hooray for free stuff!

Big thanks to OmniMount for providing the gear!

The rules:

Has your Palm Pre learned to do the twist?