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Nokia 5800i XpressMusic hits the FCC: it's like the 5800, only less so


Over the years we've found that usually, when a company takes a model number and slaps an extra letter on the end of it, there's some sort of feature or update they're highlighting. iPhone 3GS? That one's easy: "speed." But if we're reading this FCC business correctly, Nokia's new 5800i XpressMusic handset apparently differs little from its older sibling -- save for the fact that they've removed that pesky WiFi antenna from the thing. Because, really, what would you do with all that connectivity, anyways? Also, while still sporting a 3 megapixel camera, those specs are listed as a 4.6mm on the new handset (the original is 3.7mm). As GSM Arena has pointed out, this could be due to either a narrower field of view or a larger sensor -- probably the latter. Not too much more info here, but if you're morbidly curious, please feel free to check out the gallery below. It's a blast.

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