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Motorola CLIQ listed for free on contract at T-Mobile, $400 straight-up

Darren Murph

We'll caution you -- this could all just be one big misunderstanding (or a case of the fat fingered admin), but Motorola's newly launched CLIQ is currently listed for $0.00 on contract over at T-Mobile (and $399.99 with no strings attached). Available in both Winter White and Midnight Titanium, the outfit's first-ever Android phone can't actually be added to one's cart (trust us, we tried... repeatedly), but if these figures are right, we can surely say that the barrier to entry on higher-end smartphones will soon be demolished. Giddy yet?

Update: Aw, seems like someone on the other end already caught wind of the slip-up and yanked it. So, can we take that as confirmation?