The iBike Rider is a wrist-mounted iPhone case designed to give you easy access to your handset as you cruise around town looking for fights. When paired with its heaphone / mouthpiece, you can listen to tunes or accept calls via the headset. Of course, if you actually wanted to place a phone call it's a simple matter of stopping the bike, removing the phone from its case, removing your gloves, and then dialing away. But once you've done all that, jump back on your "hog," look both ways before entering traffic, and you're an Easy Rider once again! This bad boy is also useful for turn-by-turn GPS instructions -- but if you don't know your way to Bass Lake by now, what kind of a Hell's Angel are you? Available now for £34.10 (about $54).

[Via So Easy GPS]

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iBike Rider case for iPhone