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Michael Dell curiously talks down netbooks, slyly bad-mouths Vista

Darren Murph

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Michael Dell has definitely provided us with a few token quotes before, but his latest spurts over at a Silicon Valley dinner sponsored by the Churchill Club are amongst the best. For starters, he didn't hesitate to exclaim that "a fair amount of customers" have been unhappy with the small screens and weak innards found in netbooks, which is definitely a perplexing comment to make when you're making ends meet (at least in part) by moving Minis. Of course, it sounds like the honest-to-goodness truth, but we digress. The money quote came when asked about Windows 7, as he noted that if "you get the latest processor technology and you get Windows 7 and Office 2010, you will love your PC again; we actually have not been able to say that for a long time." We're not trying to read too deeply between the lines, but that definitely sounds like a gentle jab at Vista, does it not? Hit the read link for the full schpeel.

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