For a carrier that isn't used to selling a whole lot of smartphones that don't have "BlackBerry" somewhere in the name, it might come as a surprise that not all devices require a different kind of back-end server to hit an Exchange account -- you know, the kind that'd allow you to charge an extra $15 a month for access. As such, the official company line is apparently that the DROID will require a $45 data plan (as opposed to a $30 one) if you want to hook up to an Exchange ActiveSync account somewhere on the interwebs. Thing is, data is data, and since the DROID doesn't require anything approximating a BES setup behind the scenes, we have no idea how this could be enforceable unless Verizon intends to block ports -- and considering what a hot-button topic net neutrality is right now, we're pretty sure they're not going to do that. The takeaway? Pay the extra $15 if you're feeling generous (or you own Verizon stock), but otherwise, we're willing to bet Exchange will work just fine on your basic plan.


Verizon to charge for Exchange access on the DROID, probably on the honor system