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Eneloop Stick Booster supplies emergency power to your portable devices


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Any time a company both enables our gadget addiction and discourages wanton battery consumption we have to consider it a good thing -- and, indeed, Sanyo's wicked-rechargeable Eneloop batteries already have quite a few fans here at Engadget HQ. But what's a busy gadget hound to do on the go, you ask? Try this one on for size: the Eneloop Stick Booster ships with two AAs and can be used to charge them, via any USB source. From that point the device can be used to power your PMP for roughly 90 minutes. How great is that? To be released in Japan on December 1 for an unspecified price, and worldwide whenever the company sees fit. PR after the break.

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SANYO Announces a New Addition to eneloop universe products: "eneloop stick booster"

A slim and lightweight Handy Power Source for charging mobile devices

Tokyo, November 11, 2009 – SANYO Electric Co. Ltd. (SANYO) is pleased to announce the release of the 'eneloop stick booster,' on December 1, 2009 in Japan. This new addition to the 'eneloop universe' products is a stick-type Handy Power Source that can be taken anywhere for easy charging of mobile devices. SANYO began developing the 'eneloop universe' products in November 2006, as a product line to expand the 'eneloop' rechargeable battery concept of a "lifestyle that values reusing and recycling."

SANYO will continue to develop and expand its 'eneloop universe' product series while emphasizing lifestyles that value-reusing resources, allowing people to enjoy the conveniences the series offers, as well as a sustainable energy lifestyle.

Main Features

1. Easily charges mobile devices such as mobiles phones and personal audio devices, through a general-purpose USB connection

With its USB port, KBC-D1AS easily charges various mobile devices such as mobile phones, portable game units, and personal audio devices. Regular emergency chargers that use dry cells to charge mobile phones may not be able to properly charge certain phones that require high current for charging. Thanks to SANYO's output control technology however, the KBC-D1AS can provide a steady charge to devices that require high current, such as the iPhone, by regulating the charge current sent to the device. The Handy Power Source has a slide switch to turn the charge output on and off, as desired.

2. Stylish and lightweight aluminum body for a portable stick-type charger

The KBC-D1AS features a stick-type aluminum body design. With a diameter of less than two centimeters, and weighing just 76 grams with batteries installed, the slim and lightweight design makes it perfect in all kinds of situations such as business and pleasure trips, or commuting.

3. Comes with two new AA-sized 'eneloop' batteries*6, which are easy to replace

This product comes packaged with two new 'eneloop' batteries that can be recharged about 1,500 times offering the industry's No. 1 reusability. They can charge various mobile devices more easily than dry cells, as they deliver a steady high current. Even after the recharging lifespan of the batteries has been reached, they are easy to replace.

Background and Outline

"eneloop" originated from the concept of "looping energy". Since the first release of "eneloop" in November 2005, the product has received high market appraisal for its unique, user-friendly combination of having the advantages of both dry cell and rechargeable batteries. The batteries come pre-charged like a dry cell, and are economical and environmental as they are able to be recharged for repeated use as well as fully recyclable at the end of their lifecycle. In total, over 100 million "eneloop" battery cells have been shipped to more than 60 countries worldwide (as of October 31, 2009).

In 2006, SANYO began developing the 'eneloop universe' products, to build on the 'eneloop' concept of adopting a "lifestyle that values reusing and recycling." SANYO has released a whole series of lifestyle-changing products such as the 'eneloop solar charger' equipped with a solar cell; the 'eneloop solar light' with USB power port; the 'eneloop portable solar' power generator; the rechargeable 'eneloop kairo' hand warmer; the 'eneloop anka' rechargeable portable warmer; the rechargeable lap blanket 'eneloop soft warmer;' the rechargeable 'eneloop neck warmer;' and the 'eneloop mobile booster,' a charger set equipped with a USB power port and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. In addition, there are the 'eneloop air fresher,' a portable air purification device equipped with 'virus washer' technology, as well as the 'eneloop lamp,' a stylish interior light that doubles as a portable LED flashlight, and the 'eneloop bike' electric hybrid bicycle.

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