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Navigon announces nav app for Android, Google threat looms

Chris Ziegler

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Google has taken much of the wind out of the turn-by-turn navigation industry's sails this Fall thanks to the introduction of fee-free Google Maps Navigation, but it's got a fatal flaw for the moment: it's only available in the States. Navigon must be banking on the fact that Mountain View is going to take its sweet time spreading the love around the world, because it has announced at iCE Amsterdam today that it'll be releasing its own app for Android on December 10. Pricing hasn't been revealed, but for comparison, Navigon's European solution for the iPhone runs a stout $140 -- and as long as Google doesn't tell everyone that European navigation is no longer a valid business model as they've done in the US, that could very well be the number we can expect on the Android side. It'll be compatible with devices running anything from 1.5 to 2.0, so Dreams and Milestones alike should be welcome to apply.

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