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Nokia launching only one Maemo device in 2010?


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Better sit down Maemo fans. If you expected Nokia to just kick its waning S60 5th OS to the curb in 2010 after positive reaction to the Linux side of its dual-platform smartphone strategy, well, it ain't gonna happen. At least that's the word from a Reuters source with "direct knowledge of Nokia's product roadmap" who says Nokia will only launch one new Linux smartphone next year. Driving the point home is word from a Nokia spokesman who declined comment on future plans but did add, "We remain firmly committed to Symbian as our smartphone platform of choice." While this might sound like bad news to N900 enthusiasts given the vast number of handsets the company produces, keep in mind that Nokia's recent cuts in global R&D headcount (550 employees in total) was justified by Nokia's attempt to streamline operations to be in line with its "focused portfolio of future products." In other words, it sounds like we can expect less handsets from Espoo as they scale back the variety of models produced. And if anything can be learned from the boys in Cupertino: it only takes one handset to change the game.

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