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First production Pandora case has been assembled (update: video!)

Ross Miller

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Pandora fans are definitely partying tonight. Michael Weston and crew have uploaded the first pics of manufacturing test unit built using the mass production parts -- as team member Craig Rothwell noted over at the GP32X forums, even if minor tweaks are deemed necessary, for all intents and purposes this is the first production unit. There's plenty more pics in Weston's Photobucket gallery, including a veritable sea of internal boards (seen after the break). Rothwell says more pics and video are coming but gave no indication of when -- if you think you can temper your excitement, it might be best to sleep tonight and check in on things again tomorrow.

Update: Video showing first boot of this ARM Cortex-A8 gaming handheld with PowerVR SGX programmable GPU after the break!

[Thanks, xmrgamerx]

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