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Pandora hits some production snags, will miss the holidays


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Concerned for a long-suffering Pandora pre-orderer in you life? Well, you might want to keep them away from sharp knives and their dormant SD card full of rare ROMs for the next few weeks. The device has seemed tantalizingly close in recent months, but new word from the front lines means that we won't be seeing the final devices ship out until well into the new year. Luckily, the list of tweaks sounds pretty minor, including an adjustment to shoulder button action perfection that we can all get behind, but we suppose it also serves as a sobering example of just how hard it can be to actually get good hardware (or even the crappy stuff) built. Cough, CrunchPad, cough.

[Thanks, Steve]

Update: Seems things may not be as serious as previously assumed, but until we see these things shipping en masse, we still aren't getting our hopes up too high. It's a personal defense mechanism, is all. Thanks, atomicthumbs!

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