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Steorn invites us to 'get real' with fairy-powered Orbo free energy device, we invite it to do the same (video)

Tim Stevens

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Oh, Steorn, how we've missed you. The company rushed onto the scene in the summer of 2007 promising free energy for all, then said "we screwed up" when its demonstration failed to show anything but red faces. Naturally the screw-up wasn't thanks to an ill-advised attempt to break the laws of physics, instead blamed on a bearing failure. Now, coffers filled again after assuredly brisk sales of USB-powered divining rods, the company has rented another demonstration space, this time in Dublin. In the promotional video below Steorn pledges that this week things will "get real" by mocking those who have mocked the company, including our very own reference to power divined from the Fay and other mythical sources. We're going to firmly stand by our disbelief -- but to say that we're jazzed about the prospect of another exciting demonstration would be a huge understatement.

[Thanks, Chris]

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