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University of Antwerp stuffs 13 GPUs into FASTRA II supercomputer


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The researchers at the University of Antwerp's Vision Lab caused quite a stir last year when they built a supercomputer with four high-end NVIDIA graphics cards, but it looks like they've truly stepped up their game for their followup: a supercomputer that packs no less than thirteen GPUs. That, as you might have guessed, presented a few new challenges, but after wrangling some flexible PCI cables into a specially-made case and loading up a custom BIOS courtesy of ASUS, they were apparently able to get six dual-GPU NVIDIA GTX295 cards and one single-GPU GTX275 card up and running with only a few hiccups. As before, the big advantage with this approach is that you get an enormous amount of computing power for a relatively small cost -- twelve teraflops for less than €6,000, to be specific. Head on past the break for a pair of videos showing the thing off, and hit up the link below for the complete details (including some jaw dropping benchmarks).

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