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HTC Nexus One Bluetooth car dock hits the FCC; Nexus One trade name listed as 'Google Phone'

Nilay Patel

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The slow drip of Nexus One info continues at the FCC -- just a day after we saw the Bluetooth desktop dock hit the database, the Bluetooth car dock we'd also seen floating around has turned up for inspection. And what's this? The list of ancillary testing equipment used says the phone's "trade name" is "Google Phone," which is the first time we've seen that name used in a semi-official fashion. It's particularly notable since this form was prepared by HTC employees and the phone is called the Nexus One elsewhere in the document, so you'd think they'd just put either HTC or Nexus One in that space. Of course, it's also entirely possible that whoever filled out this form just got a little carried away, but c'mon -- you wouldn't lie to the government, now would you? Titillating wireframe pic of the car dock after the break.

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