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Meizu CEO: M8 3G launch pushed, original M8 getting Windows Phone apps (maybe)


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In his latest routine forum visit, Meizu CEO Jack Wong dropped a couple of teasers about what's coming up in his fancy Zhuhai-based factory. First is that the M8 3G will need at least another six months to brew, which is slightly off the March release date we last heard. Initial versions will pack W-CDMA (aka, UMTS) and China's own TD-SCDMA radios, then maybe a CDMA version whenever Jack's ready to pay "premium license fees" to enter the "narrow international market [of EV-DO]." Next up is word that apparently the infamous Windows CE-based M8 may get a dose of Windows Phone apps in a future firmware update, courtesy of "a project that Microsoft is working on." Sure, it all sounds great, but given Meizu's record of underestimating the complexities of manufacturing mobile phones, we'll believe it when we see it.

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