iLive storms back with 33 new iPod / iPhone-friendly audio products

Man, we'd usually say it's been a hot minute since we heard from iLive, but when you're pushing a full year, that's just a woeful understatement. Nevertheless, the peripheral outfit is hitting back in a big way here at CES, tossing out no fewer than 33 new iPod and iPhone-compatible audio products. We won't bother detailing the lower-end gear, but a few of the highlights include the iTDP610B bar speakers with built-in DVD player -- which touts a motorized door that opens to reveal the iPhone dock and to load and unload a DVD-- and the iHP310B micro audio system. The former can be had in two sizes (32- or 37-inch) for $199.99, while the latter is pegged at $99.99. Peep that source link if you're hungry for more, and give the gallery a look for some visual eye candy to accompany it.