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LG's LTE-packing M13 spied in the flesh, we still can't tell what it is

Chris Ziegler
It's totally understandable that we couldn't figure out what this LTE / EV-DO dual-mode thingy from LG was when it cleared the FCC; they had the choicest documentation under lockdown and we couldn't make heads or tails of what we were reading apart from a cryptic line-art diagram of the bottom and a few RF tests. What's odd, though, is that we still can't figure out what it is -- and this time, we're looking right at the blasted thing. It supports Band XIII LTE, which would be Verizon's 700MHz spectrum (wink, wink), but seriously, we have no idea what it's supposed to do. It looks kind of like a tiny netbook with a Viewty embedded in the top, but it doesn't look like the phone pops out; we suppose it could be the fanciest external modem ever made, and the 3.5mm jack suggests that it'd probably have some media functionality when it's disconnected from your PC. Any other guesses?