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NUU Player runs Boxee on Atom

Nilay Patel

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D-Link's Boxee Box might be the Tegra 2-powered star of CES, but it's not the only hardware running Boxee -- NUU Media's NUU player runs the grown-up version of XBMC on an Atom processor alongside some other custom apps. It's also got a 160GB local hard drive and runs a WebKit browser, compared to no local storage and Mozilla on the Boxee Box. What's more, there's also a Skype app and Bluetooth support, so you'll be able to make and take calls from the couch using a headset. Of course, all that means it'll cost "around $300" instead of the Box's "under $200" when it launches around March, but we know some of you might spend the extra coin for the more home theater-rack friendly form factor alone. Pics in the gallery, video after the break!

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