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Sir Howard Stringer and friends show off Sony Ericsson's new handsets

Chris Ziegler
A gaggle of higher-ups from Sony Ericsson stuck around after the conclusion of today's event to show off the X10 mini, X10 mini pro, and Vivaz pro in person, and we seriously can't stress this enough: the mini twins are small. Well, either that, or the men holding them were gigantic -- but we're pretty sure it's the former since we got around to spending some quality time with the mini pro and continued to be blown away by its diminutive stature. Rikko Sakaguchi (pictured left) had two colors of the mini plus a Vivaz pro, while Lennard Hoornik was rockin' the original X10 plus a mini pro. We'll be honest: the company's platform strategy is as meandering and muddled as ever, but with designs like this in the pipeline, they'll definitely be demanding their fair share of attention over the next few months. See a bunch more shots of the execs handling the phones in the gallery below.