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LG's in-cell multitouch laptop displays get unveiled, certified with Windows 7 Touch Logo (video)

Vlad Savov

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Want evidence for the old saying that there's always something next to wait around for with technology? We've only just reviewed the most bodacious X200 Tablet from Lenovo, yet already there's a capacitive multitouch display that promises to be that little bit better. LG's in-cell multitouch technology places the touchy-feely parts inside -- rather than as a film on top of -- the LCD panel, which we're told eliminates the loss of picture quality and brightness that regular multitouch results in. It only works with two fingers so far, but LG is still pretty pleased with itself for being the first to gain the Windows 7 Touch Logo sticker with this technology, which was previously limited to cellphone-sized displays. Mass production is set for the second half of this year, and we'll go ahead and assume that local nemesis Samsung will be using every moment until then to offer its own competing models. Bring on the marginally better touchscreens! We've now got a video for you as well, you know where to find it.

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