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Kisai's Escape C Bluetooth receiver is very expensive, very Crapgadget


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It strikes us as we post this that perhaps you need to be something of a Crapgadget connoisseur to understand the attraction that Kisai's Escape C wireless Bluetooth receiver holds for us. Available from Tokyo Flash (one of our favorite CG purveyors) the thing does serve a purpose: it'll receive Bluetooth from your phone, laptop, or whatever, and let you listen to music and / or answer calls with your non-Bluetooth headset. But, as always, the devil is in the details -- not only does the build quality look especially sub-par, but the way that they've re-imagined what should be a simple time display into a brain-teaser (hit the source link for that one) is totally hilarious -- and totally Crapgadget. Did we mention that this thing is $106? Not laughing now, are you?

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