Sanyo's latest Xacti Sound Recorder turns FM into MP3, won't critique your AT 40 addiction

Sanyo's Xacti Sound Recorder turns radio waves into MP3's, won't critique your Top 40 addiction
Sanyo's latest Xacti, the charmingly titled Sound Recorder ICR-XRS120MF, is about the nicest looking voice recorder we've ever seen. It features stereo microphones on top to turn any sound into MP3 or Linear PCM and offers a suite of recording modes that will comprehensively capture anything from the sweet nothings of a lover to the sour blathering of a corporate meeting. When in its docking station (shown after the break) it can also capture audio over line-in and even record AM/FM programs with a built-in scheduler, meaning you'll never miss Seacrest's latest charming witticism. Sanyo hasn't listed a price yet, but is expecting to ship these to Japan before the end of the month.