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Verizon CEO confirms he's told Apple he wants the iPhone, won't say if he's getting it


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So Verizon wants the iPhone. No secret there, right? Not exactly, but Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg has side-stepped any questions on the subject in the past, which makes his recent comments at a conference hosted by the Council of Foreign Relations all the more notable. For the first time, Seidenberg confirmed that he has told Apple that he wants Verizon to carry the iPhone, adding that "we're open to getting the device,"and that "our network is capable of handling it." What he wouldn't say, obviously, is whether Verizon would be getting the phone, saying simply that it's "Apple's call." In other news, Seidenberg also took the opportunity to shoot down rumors of a merger with Vodafone, saying that "there's no compelling reason that this is an exciting thing to do," although he did add that things could always change.

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