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Archos promises six Internet Tablets this summer for hands of all sizes

Tim Stevens

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If you're suffering from Goldilocks Syndrome, unable to find the perfect portable device, Archos is releasing a suite of suite of Internet Tablets this summer and surely one of them will be just right for your choosy tastes. The company looks poised to launch six of the things according to a slide that slipped out from a presentation given by Archos CEO Henri Crohas. The slide (above) shows a mockup image of six separate tablets, which are said to range in price from $100 to $350 with processors ranging from 800MHz up to 1GHz and screens from 3- to 10-inches. This single slide is all that we have to go on at this point, so go ahead and eat your porridge already before it gets too cold. We'll bring you more news on these when we have it.

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