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Twitwee Clock checks tweets with old world charm


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We've seen a few cuckoo clock-inspired projects over the years, but one of the more obvious, a twitter clock, hasn't been among them -- until now, that is. Dubbed the Twitwee Clock, this contraption built by Haroon Baig relies on an Arduino (what else?) and an LCD to display incoming tweets, and an old fashioned mechanical cuckoo to notify you when a new one has arrived. That could obviously get on your nerves pretty quickly if you're simply watching your main Twitter feed, but the clock can also be setup to follow any twitter stream or search to give the cuckoo a bit of a rest. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any plans for building your own, but you can get a glimpse of the clock's internals at the link below, and check it out in action after the break.

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